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Reflections of a Public Failure

I’ve failed. It’s not the first time, but it’s the first time I’ve failed publicly. On October 31st 2013 I publicly declared that I was starting a new daily blogging habit. I also publicly stated that I had two goals for this daily blog: 1) Surpass my personal best of writing 45 inspirational and insightful […]

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Calling for death to the daily blog

Is the rise of the daily blog hurting the internet? Being that I am both a blogger who publishes daily and an advocate of the practice, I stopped in my tracks when I read a post from Atlanta entrepreneur Mike Schinkel saying as much. In a blog post he titled The Web Needs You To… STOP BLOGGING! he […]

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The #1 reason NOT to start blogging

Today I read a fantastic blog post by design blogger Colleen Eakins titled I Want to Blog to Make Money. In this post Colleen recaps a discussion she had with a friend in which she stated the following: Saying “I want to blog to make money” without any other goals, purpose, etc behind it, is like […]

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Daily blogging as a tool to create memories

Everyday we wake up, live life, then go to sleep. So what’s the difference between the days we remember and the days we forget? The obvious answer is something out of the ordinary. Something unique that happens. Something that differentiates the memorable days from all other days. The challenge with this is that by definition, […]

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3 of My Best Blog Proofreading Tips

One of the biggest challenges in writing a daily blog is proofreading. It’s no small task for a single individual to churn out a new blog post everyday. Churning out an error free blog post everyday is practically impossible. Since the time when I wrote my first blog post back in 2003, browser spell checking […]

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How Seth Godin Writes His Daily Blog

One of the most prolific daily bloggers in the world is Seth Godin. Seth’s philosophy on writing a daily blog is what inspired me to start writing this daily blog 41 days ago on October 31st. So if you want to learn how to write a daily blog, then learning from the master is the […]

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1 Month of Doing a Daily Blog

I started this daily blog 31 days ago on October 31st.  So far I’ve been able to continuously meet my goal of writing one blog post a day, everyday. My initial goal is to surpass my personal best of 45 blog post in a row. I am doing this in order to build my blogging […]

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