About Me

Chris Mance

I’m a lifelong student, who uses blogging and entrepreneurship as a tool to continue my education.

I’ve been called the “email engineer” because I wrote the source code for the world’s first cooperative email marketing software.

I learned to write software when I was 14 and started my first company when I turned 20. I created my first website that got “real” traffic as a freshman at the United States Military Academy at West Point.  A few years later I went on to launch my first web business while getting a master’s degree in software engineering at Florida A&M University.

Currently, I’m leading the web startup Nichevertising.  Nichevertising is a startup that helps people promoting events, brands, and blogs build relationships with others related to their niche, then cross-promote with them using email and Twitter. For more information, please visit Nichevertising.com