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Picking a pattern for your business model

I’ve been studying business models for a couple years now. The one thing I discovered about business models that’s most useful for entrepreneurs are the patterns. My introduction to business model patterns started with the book Business Model Generation. This book covers a variety of business model patterns applicable to both large enterprises and entrepreneurs. The […]

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When progress is not measurable

Most people think of “progress” as something measurable. Something that is quantifiable using a percentage complete. Something that is visualized with a progress bar or a pie chart.  For most of life, this is true. When you’re making your way from elementary to high school, its easy to see your progress after each grade is […]

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Seth Godin’s Take on Business Models

As I shared a few weeks ago, I’m taking Seth Godin’s new online course titled The New Business Toolbox: Help Your New Business Do It Right The First Time. In the first session, Seth decides to start off by breaking down the idea of a business model in simple terms. The way he explained it really made […]

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To-do lists as menus vs. scheuldes

To-do lists are an essential part of a productive day for many people. I tend to prefer a to-relax list over a to-do list as I explain here. However, when your plate is full with menial tasks that just have to get done, to-do lists are still the best way to get focused. Unfortunately, I’ve had […]

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Calling for death to the daily blog

Is the rise of the daily blog hurting the internet? Being that I am both a blogger who publishes daily and an advocate of the practice, I stopped in my tracks when I read a post from Atlanta entrepreneur Mike Schinkel saying as much. In a blog post he titled The Web Needs You To… STOP BLOGGING! he […]

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What if a habit is not an addiction?

If a habit is not an addiction, then it’s not a habit. It’s just plain old will power.  It’s discipline. It’s self-control. A habit is the opposite. It’s something you do instinctively. Something you do effortlessly without much control.  It may even be something that causes you some degree of pain when you don’t do […]

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The #1 reason NOT to start blogging

Today I read a fantastic blog post by design blogger Colleen Eakins titled I Want to Blog to Make Money. In this post Colleen recaps a discussion she had with a friend in which she stated the following: Saying “I want to blog to make money” without any other goals, purpose, etc behind it, is like […]

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