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What if a habit is not an addiction?

If a habit is not an addiction, then it’s not a habit. It’s just plain old will power.  It’s discipline. It’s self-control. A habit is the opposite. It’s something you do instinctively. Something you do effortlessly without much control.  It may even be something that causes you some degree of pain when you don’t do […]

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The #1 reason NOT to start blogging

Today I read a fantastic blog post by design blogger Colleen Eakins titled I Want to Blog to Make Money. In this post Colleen recaps a discussion she had with a friend in which she stated the following: Saying “I want to blog to make money” without any other goals, purpose, etc behind it, is like […]

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Excited about the chance to switch to solar power

I’ve been thinking about switching my house to solar power for at least 5 years.  I’ve been looking at several companies across the U.S. vying for this emerging market, but there is one company in particular that really excites me named SolarCity. SolarCity is the nation’s largest provider of rooftop solar systems. In the one year […]

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Inspiring Movie I Recommend for Entrepreneurs

Tonight I watched a very inspiring movie about a man that epitomizes the heart of an entrepreneur. The name of the movie was Tucker: The Man and His Dream starring Jeff Bridges. This movie is a 1988 bio pic recounting the true story of one of the greatest entrepreneurs you’ve never heard of: Preston Tucker. Tucker was an […]

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Is it too late when it becomes a buzzword?

The startup world is full of buzzwords. Year after year new buzzwords hit the world by storm, thousands of entrepreneurs jump on the bandwagon, and voilà — millions of dollars of venture capital money flood the market. Case in point is the buzzword “wearable” technology. These devices are headlining this year’s Consumer Electronic Show (CES) and have […]

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Inspiration changes everything

The difference between doing an activity you’re inspired to do and one that you aren’t is like night and day. When you’re inspired, you wake up early to get started. When you’re inspired, you stay up late to finish as much as you can. When you’re inspired, working hard is effortless. On the other hand, […]

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The first pancake is never perfect

Believe it or not, making pancakes is a lot like entrepreneurship. When you make pancakes, the first one typically comes out a little deformed and even a little burned or under cooked. After that first one, you get a feel for your pancake flipping technique and then every pancake gets better from that point forward. […]

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The Hard Part of Entrepreneurship is NOT Showing Up

Entrepreneurship is hard. Everyone knows this. However, many people misinterpret the hard part. From the outside looking in it appears the hard part is quitting your job, building your product, and launching your business. Or said another way, just showing up. The reality is that showing up is the easy part. Quitting your job isn’t […]

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