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Marketing Playbook: Microsoft’s Negative PR Attack Against Google

The Microsoft marketing playbook isn’t known for being out of the ordinary. This is changing, however. Recently, the company started promoting anti-Google products in the Microsoft store through a product line called Scroogled. Microsoft is selling everything from hats and t-shirts to these “Don’t Get Scroogled” mugs in an attempt at a negative PR attack […]

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Beat Stress with a “To-Relax” List

Today, I’m trying a new way to beat stress. In the past, I’ve tried a simple to-do list to help me gain control of stress. However, to-do lists seem to exacerbate the stress.  Seeing a long list of stuff to do just doesn’t help me. As an alternative, instead of keeping a to-do list, I’m […]

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Why I Now Only Watch the 4th Quarter

The 4th quarter is all that matters in football.  From my perspective, the other 3 quarters of football just don’t mean anything. There are three reasons for this: Above all else, I just don’t have time anymore to waste my entire Sunday watching a bunch of people I don’t know live their dream If I […]

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If Each Year of Life Was A Football Game

If you treated each year of your life like a football game, New Years would be the 1st quarter and Thanksgiving and Christmas would be the 4th quarter. In a football game, there are two things that are critical for winning: 1. Getting off to a good start 2. Finishing strong in the 4th quarter […]

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Measuring The Value of Your Side Hustle

Generating money from a side hustle has little bearing on its intrinsic value.  The last thing you should want is a j.o.b. from 9 to 5 and then spend your 5 to 9 creating yourself another j.o.b. (Just Over Broke). Instead, you should view a side hustle like a series of projects with specific start […]

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The Day I Quit My Job

It was a day just like any other day.  When I woke up in the morning, I didn’t know I was going to quit my job.  My morning routine was no different.  I ate the same breakfast, took the same route up 85 North to Druid Hills Road as always.  Listened to my favorite jazz […]

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Using a Daily Blog to Change Your Life

This morning I came across a profound statement about consistency: People value consistency in their leaders. Consistency removes uncertainty and leads to trust. Trust, in turn, leads to influence. The above statement comes from Bob Burg in a post he wrote on his blog titled The Awesome Value of Consistency. Reading this article got me to […]

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Taking More Breaks Helps Productivity

There’s a fine line between taking a break and procrastinating.  In my world, an unplanned break leads to procrastination, while a planned break leads to a super productive day. The main reason for this is that when I work all day to complete a task, I burn out my focus.  When I lose focus, I […]

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