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Don’t Defer Your Goals to the New Year

Please don’t defer your goals to the New Year. If you do, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice. There’s no better time than now. As I shared last week in my post about the Jellybean Life, we only have so many total days to spend on this earth. Therefore, you must choose how you spend your […]

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How This Man Washes Dishes on Thanksgiving

How does this man wash dishes on Thanksgiving?   Very graciously. I don’t do much talking. I play some classic holiday jazz music in the kitchen and keep a strong cocktail within arms reach. I wash as many dishes as I can until someone relieves me.  I always turn down the first reliever, but once […]

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An Easy Life is Not a Choice For Most

The choice to live a hard life vs. an easy life is a luxury I failed to acknowledge in my response to my wife's statement about waiting for the easy life. There is a much larger percentage of society who live a hard life by default.  We all know this, but many (myself included) often fail […]
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The Point in Life When Things Get Easy

Tonight, my wife made a statement that I found rather thought provoking.  She said in an unusually melancholy voice..."I keep waiting for the point in life when things get easy." My immediate response was that I didn't think we were at the point in our lives where we wanted easy. She wasn't in the mood to […]
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